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Site Safe

Site Monitoring

Your property is constantly monitored and secured with this service. Depending on your requirement, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly visits are conducted by our team and a report is sent to you with photos, any disturbances, neighboring & locality changes etc. On receiving this, you can instruct us further based on these reports if any further security, warning signs or notice boards to discourage trespassers and other unwanted elements are required.
How it works
 Register with us for the service by establishing proof of ownership and paying a registration fee towards inspection and analysis of your property.
 We will present you with a cost effective quote based on frequency of visits required, distance, size etc.
 On payment designed for your convenience as monthly, quarterly or annually, Property Safe begins the monitoring and you can expect thorough, periodical reports on your property.
 Use the services of our team for any resource requirements or consultation needs and enjoy a tension free ownership.

Rent Safe

Tenant Management

Property Safe ensures a safe functioning relationship with your tenant and removes any chances of truancy or vandalism. This is done using a three step strategy.
  Explaining to the tenants their responsibilities, legal issues and landlord rights at the start of the rental period.
  Regular inspection, maintenance, utility management and rent collection.
  Inventory check and documentation during the time of vacating.
We also undertake repairs, redecoration etc. If your tenant vacates in between the duration of our services, we place the contract on hold until the next tenant arrives. Hence you pay only for the exact services rendered.

Buy Safe

Brokerage Services

Property Safe understands the concerns that are present in today’s Real Estate market. We ensure that you have a safe, secure transaction and end up with the exact worth you have invested in. Repeated screenings, verification, document checks, surveys, expert inspections and measurements are conducted to ensure that you buy safe. Our team of experts lend their help at every step.

Care safe

Maintenance Services

Property Safe not only keeps and eye but also helps you maintain your space. Our maintenance contract ensures that your property is at its best always, both in terms of physical & aesthetic state as well as value. After all, a well kept property is a higher valued property.

Keep Safe

Amenity Management

Houses and apartments amenities need constant upkeep and the time and effort required is often more that the owners can spare. The Property Safe team provides a trustworthy and tension free alternative. Your amenities including pools, gardens, lawns etc are taken care of by the relevant workers and craftsmen


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